Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness of AI in marketing, foster a deeper understanding of its application for brands, and to help companies use AI responsibly, in pursuit of greater creativity and efficiency — for the benefit of all.

To achieve our mission, we are focused on three key areas:




1. Education for Companies on AI: As AI becomes increasingly prevalent, we aim to educate marketers on the latest developments, best practices, and ethical considerations of AI. The RAISE Alliance facilitates discussions and knowledge-sharing among members, empowering them to better understand AI. 

2. Guiding Brands on the Application of AI: The advancement of AI offers a new pathway for brands to communicate with consumers. This also brings along a need to protect both brands and consumers from the potential for misuse or misinformation. The RAISE Alliance shares insights, best practices, and thought leadership from RAISE Alliance members, to provide brands with a better understanding of the many ways to ethically and effectively implement AI.  


3. Responsible AI Stewardship: The RAISE Alliance aims to establish standards of deployment that prioritize transparency, accountability, and ethics. We believe that AI as a support tool has massive potential to improve workflows, and through its responsible stewardship, we aim to help companies achieve greater creativity and efficiency.