RAISE Code of Conduct

As members of the Responsible AI Stewardship and Education (RAISE) Alliance, we are committed to promoting the responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing, and to fostering a culture of inclusion, collaboration, and respect. 


To uphold these values, we expect all members of the RAISE Alliance to adhere to the following Code of Conduct:


  1. Conduct ourselves with professionalism and respect. We will maintain a professional and respectful demeanor when interacting with other members, both in person and online.
  2. Uphold ethical standards. We will use AI in a responsible and ethical manner, ensuring that it is deployed in a way that benefits all stakeholders.
  3. Foster an inclusive community. We will promote a culture of inclusion and diversity, and will not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.
  4. Maintain confidentiality. We will maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information shared by other members and will not share or use such information for personal gain.
  5. Respect data privacy. All members are obligated to protect personal data and any other sensitive information that they may come into contact with through their participation in the RAISE Alliance.
  6. Respect intellectual property. We will respect the intellectual property rights of other members and will not use or reproduce their work without their permission.
  7. Engage in constructive dialogue. We will engage in constructive dialogue with other members and will not engage in personal attacks or other forms of behavior that could be considered harassment or bullying.
  8. Provide informational advice and guidance only. We acknowledge that any advice or guidance provided by the RAISE Alliance is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal, financial, or other professional advice.
  9. Report violations. If we observe or experience any violations of this Code of Conduct, we will report it to the Board of Directors for appropriate action.


By adhering to this Code of Conduct, we will create a community that is supportive, collaborative, and committed to advancing the responsible use of AI in marketing.