RAISE-ing the bar

AI has been ubiquitous for quite some time now, but the introduction of ChatGPT as an interface unveiled new opportunities for brands to engage with their customers. The RAISE Alliance aims to raise awareness of AI in marketing, foster a deeper understanding of its application for brands, and to help companies use AI responsibly, in pursuit of greater creativity and efficiency — for the benefit of all.

What is the RAISE Alliance?

RAISE is an alliance that stands for Responsible AI Stewardship and Education and is a platform for member companies to connect and discuss the three points of its mission. By signing the RAISE Alliance Code of Conduct, our community plays an active role in the responsible stewardship of AI.

Our Mission

As AI becomes increasingly prevalent, we aim to educate marketers on the latest developments, best practices, and ethical considerations of AI. The RAISE Alliance facilitates discussion and knowledge-sharing among members, empowering them to better understand AI and provides brands with a better understanding of the many ways to ethically and effectively implement AI.


We believe that AI as a support tool has massive potential to improve workflows, and through its responsible stewardship, we aim to help companies achieve greater creativity and efficiency.

RAISE Alliance Members

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